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Carehome Collaboration 🥰

Updated: Jan 19

We have joined up with the new local carehome to work together and enhance both the children's and the elderly residents lives.

We made them an autumn wreath to celebrate the opening of the home.

The children and the residents hugely enjoy their time together and we all love the relationship we are building.

At Christmas we went up to sing songs to the residents.

The carehome also chose us for their random act of kindness gifts and brought the children down some Christmas goody bags.

On our staff training day we went up to the home to spend some time with the staff and residents. We had coffee and a chat and painted pebbles together.

We love singing and doing music and movement with the residents too. We took our Pom poms and scarves up to encourage gross motor movements for all.

One of the residents used to play the drums in a rock band so we took up a big drum to share with him. He gave a performance for the children and it was amazing!

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