Our Pre-School Team

When your child starts at Sparklers, they will be allocated a key worker.  This is the person who will record your child’s progress and is the best member of the team to speak to if you have any particular questions or information to pass on about your child; however, the whole team quickly get to know every child.

Sarah Hodges

Pre-School Supervisor

My name is Sarah Hodges. I am a mum of 3 and a fully qualified primary school teacher. I studied at Worcester University for 4 years to graduate in a job that I love. I have a passion for early......

Tracey Jones

Pre-School Assistant

Hi I’m Tracey. I joined Sparklers in 2001 after helping out on many occasions when my own children attended.....

Alison Liggins

Pre-School Assistant

Laine Waite

Pre-School Assistant

I hold a Level 3 Diploma in Pre-School practice as well as SEN and Speech & Language. I have two teenage children and have worked at Sparklers for 15 years. I enjoy playing with the children and seeing them learn..... 

Cathryn Parker

1:1 Pre-School Assistant

Amy Shorter

Administration Manager

Natalie Stiles

Pre-School Assistant

My name is Natalie. I started out my career as a hairdresser but after having my own 2 children I became interested in observing and helping children.....

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