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Parent Questionnaire

Detailed below are the results of the 2022 Parent Questionnaire.

There were 12 responses from a child count of 29, 42% of overall head count. 

5/5 Excellent   -   4/5 Very Good   -   3/5 Good   -   2/5 Bad   -   1/5 Very Bad

My child is happy and enjoys attending Sparklers Pre-School?


Whilst at Sparklers, my child feels safe and secure?


My child's learning and development is supported by the staff at Sparklers?


Staff are caring, friendly and sensitive to the needs of my child?


Sparklers helps my child's confidence?


My child is making good progress at Sparklers?


My child is enjoying all of the new activities provided at Sparklers and they are at the right level for my child?


I have a good relationship with my child's keyperson, they know my child well and keep in touch with me regularly?


I know more about my child's learning and development now that the app is being used?


I have contributed to my child's learning journey by sending home observations through the app?

Parents should aim to add at least one observation into the App each week.  This enables the staff to connect home learning with classroom learning.


Staff inform me about my child's development and progress through the app?

Whilst primarily positive, this result is a little disappointing because the lower ratings are from parents that do not use the App.

This result is therefore skewed against Sparklers because whilst the classroom observations are entered daily the parents are not seeing them.


I'm  enjoying using the new Parent Communication App (Blossom)?


Sparklers deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour?


Staff help me support my child's learning by giving me ideas to do at home?


Sparklers Pre-School is well led and managed?

Sparklers Pre-School is volunteer managed and ALL parents are encouraged to take part in either classroom activities or by joining the committee.

20% of parents would be willing to help with classroom activities and only 11% of parents are willing to join the committee.

Sparklers Pre-School is at risk of closure if there are not enough volunteers to form a Management Committee.


My child enjoys the new snack timetable that is provided by Sparklers?

The new snack timetable is designed to encourage children to sample fresh natural produce.  We will not provide processed products for snack time.

If you have any suggestions for snacks please engage with your key-worker.


52% of parents have joined our private Facebook group.

48% of parents follow our public Facebook page.

Regular updates are posted in the Sparklers-Pre-School private Facebook group as well as via the App News.


I have visited the new website?

Our website is now a really important tool for all information about Sparklers Pre-School.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit we have digitised everything that used to be displayed in the cloakroom so it is important that all parents review the website.

The App and Website have had a huge positive impact on the  communication with parents, it is unlikely that we'll ever return to paper format.


I find the information on the website informative and useful?


Only 6 Parents are willing to become more involved with Sparklers activities.

Parent interaction with their child in the classroom is a vital part of  development.

Only 3 Parents are willing to join the committee.

Sparklers Pre-School is at risk of closure if there are not enough volunteers to form a Management Committee.


Overall, I am happy with my child's experience at Sparklers Pre-School?


Are there any comments you would like to make about Sparklers Pre-School?

xxxxxx - Child names are redacted.

  • Where do are start??? I have so many lovely things to say about sparklers. I feel whatever words I use would not be enough to express my appreciation to Sarah and all the other staff at Sparklers who are absolutely lovely and amazing in so many ways. They have always listened to us as parents and supported both us and my child. Communication is absolutely excellent and the Blossom app is a brilliant way for the staff to keep parents updated on their child’s development and they send you pictures throughout your child’s session so you can see all the fun and exciting things they have been doing throughout the day. My child has really enjoyed his time at sparklers and he has made some lovely memories on his journey😊You are all going to be so missed 😔Thank you to all the staff for helping my child achieve so many goals and giving him the confidence to move forward onto school and continue to thrive. I really can't rate sparklers enough ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • The staff have all done a fantastic job looking after and teaching tne children all year and longer.

  • The staff have all done a fantastic job looking after and teaching the children all year and longer.

  • sparklers have done a great job with my child and he has finally settled. Only critisms would be he doesn’t bring much work home that he has done in sparklers and the app isn’t updated very often to show what my son has actually done

  • xxxxxx has loved being a preschool and it really has made her feel so much more ready to start 'Big School' and she has made some really lovely friends who will also be going to same the school as her so I think this has helped with her confidence too

  • Preschool and staff have helped with xxxxxx confidence and learning. I’m very happy with the setting.

  • It’s a lovely setting and my child will miss it when he leaves to start school this year

  • It's a lovely place. All staff are very kind and polite. My kids love it. So highly recommended :)

  • Brilliant pre-school

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for Sparklers Pre-School?

  • keep up the good work!

  • More art and crafts. Things children can bring home to show what they’ve done.

  • Just make sure you reward yourselves for your amazing work 😊 You should be extremely proud Sarah of all the effort and time you put into making the preschool such a fun, exciting, safe, happy place for all the children to grow and develop 👏👏👏👏👏

  • If a child's keyworker changes maybe a face to face chat about it rather than just through the app.

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