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Appendix 4 - Staff Professional Conduct Agreement

Staff Professional Conduct Agreement

  • I will not discuss a child with anyone other than other Sparklers employees and the child’s parent/carer.


  • Any information learned about the children, their personal lives, other staff members and parent/carers will be kept confidential. Follow the settings confidential policy.


  • Any issues to discuss with parents/carers will be dealt with in privacy.


  • I will adhere to The General Data Protection Regulations and the settings Privacy Notice.


  • I will speak clearly to children to ensure they have been understood and to use correct language during the conversation.


  • I will treat children, other members of staff and parents/carers with respect at all times and will not behave in a racist or discriminatory manner.


  • I will be dressed neatly and appropriately for the environment and for the activities that may be carried out. I should wear sensible footwear and the tabard provided.


  • I have read and will follow Sparklers policies and procedures.


  • I will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in pre-school


  • I will be aware of the environment and report any suspicious items/persons to the supervisor/Chair.


  • I will adhere to health and safety regulations and must seek to prevent the abuse of any person connected to Sparklers pre-school adhering to the Safeguarding and whistleblowing policies.


  • Any business queries regarding Sparklers should be referred to the appropriate member of the committee.


  • In the event of a member of staff having a child at Sparklers, there will be equal treatment of their child as with any other child attending the session.



Acceptable Use Online:


  • I have read and understand the settings online safety policy (1.6).


  • I will ensure that my online activity does not compromise my professional responsibilities, nor bring our setting into disrepute.


  • I will observe confidentiality and refrain from discussing any issues relating to work, children, young people, and parents/carers.


  • I will keep my professional and personal life separate, and will not accept children, young people and parent/carers as ‘friends’.


  • I am aware that my use of technology could be monitored.


  • I will communicate with others in a professional manner.


  • I will share personal data, only with permission and in line with the General Data Protection Regulations.


  • I will immediately report any illegal, harmful or inappropriate incidents to our lead e-safety officer.


  • I understand that the GDPR requires that any personal data to which I have access will be kept private and confidential, except when deemed necessary that I am required by law or by our policy to disclose information to an appropriate authority.


  • I will not carry my personal mobile phone around or any other devises that can take or record images. I will follow the settings online safety and use of mobile phones and cameras policy.


  • I will inform the appropriate person if I find any damage or faults with the technology being used at Sparklers.


  • I will keep passwords confidential and not allow unauthorised access to equipment.



I hereby agree to undertake the above conditions as part of my employment at Sparklers Pre-School in order to maintain the professional, caring environment of the group. I understand I am in a position of trust and my actions outside of my professional environment could be misinterpreted by others, and I am conscious of this when sharing information publicly with others.

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