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Zoom zoom zoom, we’re going to the moon!

This week we have been reading the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. It is all about a bear who makes himself a rocket and goes to the moon for a picnic.

We set up lots of fun space themed activities around the room.

The children enjoyed exploring our space tray and making the aliens pop.

The children made great rockets from junk. They found ways to join the boxes and tubes together using tape and glue. Some children even added flames to the bottom of their models and decorated them with star stickers.

We also made some moon dough using baking powder, water and glitter. The children carefully measured out the ingredients and mixed it together. They watched in wonder as it bubbled and fizzed!

We also spent lots of time role playing the story using boxes, wellies, a colander and an owl.

We wanted the children to experience what happens when a real rocket takes off so we watched a program and joined in with the countdown!

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