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Wriggly Worms

We’ve had lots of fun this week with worms. The children used their fine motor skills to pick up worms (wool) with tweezers. We talked about how long they were and which were the longest and shortest.

We all listened to the story Superworm by Julia Donaldson. The children loved joining in with the rhyming part - superworm is super long, superworm is super strong, watch him wriggle, watch him squirm, hip hip hooray for Superworm.

We went out to the nature area and dug for real worms. We found lots of them deep down in the soil. One of them really was superworm, he was super long! We brought some of the worms back to the room for a little while to observe in the wormery.

We all made our own worms by threading little beads onto pipe cleaners This was another good activity to improve our fine motor skills.

At the end of the week we had great fun painting with worms (string) We dipped the long string into the paint and then moved it across the paper to make worm patterns.

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