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What an eggcellent experience!

There has been great excitement at preschool as we had a delivery of duck eggs from a farmer! We put them in an incubator and they immediately started to hatch! It was funny to listen to the eggs cheeping.

The children really enjoyed watching them peck their way out of the shells and then appear all wet and tired. The ducklings stayed in the incubator to dry out for a few hours and then we moved them to the brooding cage.

We were very lucky and 6 of the eggs hatched into happy, healthy ducklings. Sadly one died as he wasn’t strong enough to survive. We had 2 brown ducklings and 4 yellow ones. The children voted for names and came up with food based names - Cookie and Sausage for the brown ones and Custard, Waffle, Apricot and Banana for the yellow ones. You cannot tell if a duckling is male or female until they are 2 weeks old.

Once the ducklings were fluffed up and a few days old they were able to have their first experience of water. At first this was just a paddle. the children thought it was funny when one jumped out and ran around the carpet!

Then a few days later, they all had a good swim, splash and dive around, which they loved!

We have all learnt that the ducklings need a heat lamp, special duck food, fresh water and a safe clean place to live to keep them happy and healthy.

What a great experience this has been!

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