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We’ve had a quacking time!

We have had such a fun few days watching our baby ducklings hatch.

The farmer delivered 7 duck eggs and we put them in an incubator to keep them warm.

Very quickly, 2 started to crack and we could hear the ducklings cheeping!

2 healthy ducklings appeared and spent some time drying out in the incubator.

After a few hours they started to fluff up!

The children loved having their first cuddles with these 2!

A few days later we watched 3 more ducklings hatch! Sadly 2 of the eggs didn’t hatch.

Once the ducklings were a few days old they could have their first swim! It was so lovely to watch them splashing around.

We’ve loved looking after the ducklings!

The children have enjoyed doing some duckling craft this week too!

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