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Vehicles Topic

This term we have been learning all about different types of transport and vehicles including water, road, air and emergency vehicles.

We have been practising our junk modelling skills and have made boats and other vehicles The children chose what to make and what to use. They worked hard with their cutting and sticking skills and were all proud of their models.

We have also been making vehicles using food. We all enjoyed our melon boats and our apple and blueberry cars! The children learnt how to use a knife safely and talked about which fruits were their favourite.

The children have spent lots of time playing with the toy cars and garage. This encourages sharing, role play and imaginative play.

A favourite activity was using the remote control cars. Again they needed to take turns and make steady movements With the remote to make the cars move in the right direction.

We had fun with some unusual mark making. We attached pens to toy cars and the children enjoyed pushing them along the big paper to see what marks were made.

We spent a whole week learning about different emergency vehicles The police came to visit with their car and we made a fire engine and ambulance box to role play in. The children made brilliant fire fighters and paramedics.

All of the children then had the opportunity to make their own emergency vehicle using a paper plate. They added special features like the sirens and ladders.

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