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Remember Remember the 5th of November 🧨

Today we celebrated bonfire night together. Even though it was daylight we enjoyed some sparklers fun. We can't not have sparklers at sparklers!

Inside the room we made our own edible sparklers for snack. We dipped chocolate fingers in hot water to melt the chocolate, then added sprinkles for the sparks. We all enjoyed them!

We love a craft so the children enjoyed making their own paper sparkler using straws, cellophane and foil. We then used them to play with, making big circles and rainbow shapes in the air.

In the room some children were playing pretend campfires and there was some lovely role play of toasting marshmallows.

This then became real life as we went outside again to toast real marshmallows on a real fire.

The children had to do a lot of listening today to safety instructions and they did really well.

We used our toasted marshmallows to make some s'mores.

The last activity of the day was to use autumn leaves to make bonfire pictures.

What a fun day!

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