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Minibeast Adventure!

We had an amazing morning when Jonathon‘s Jungle Roadshow came to visit.

We met lots of different minibeasts and the children were very brave. Firstly we learnt all about tarantulas and met a baby one, a blue one and a big one. We weren’t allowed to hold these due to the fangs but enjoyed learning about them.

After the spiders, we met a millipede with thousands of legs! We all had a hold of this and it felt like Velcro on the skin.

Next we met some different stick insects. They all looked so different but were fascinating to hear about.

We then met a giant grasshopper which had huge back legs. We thought it was funny when it crawled onto Jonathon‘s face!

Then the snake came out. Everyone loved the snake and we all had a hold.

The snake gave us some kisses too!

What a great experience!

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