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Leavers Party

We had a party today for all the children moving onto big school. We started by making hot air balloons to hang in Sparklers cloakroom, to welcome all the new children in.

We then played some party games on the playground and had a dance to the music.

The children were very excited to see our next visitor!! The ice cream van.

Then it was time for a game of pass the parcel!

The children were then all presented with special certificates of something they have achieved whilst at Sparklers or something they are good at e.g for being the most helpful, for having the best manners, for being a good friend.

We had a special party lunch from McDonald’s which was a real treat.

At the end, all the parents came in to watch a video of the children‘s time at Sparklers. There were a few emotional tears from both parents, children and staff! Good luck at big school to all the children!

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