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Forest school fun 🌲🌳

We have been developing the nature area to use for our outdoor learning and forest school activities.

One of the favourite activities is playing mud kitchens. The children make all sorts of ‘foods’ to eat! Mud pie, leaf soup and soil porridge! yum!

We created a tic tac toe games with painted pebbles. The children Are getting good at thinking about their move before they place their pebble.

We have an area where the children can practise their balancing and take some safe risks.

We have an area where the children can dig and this is proving to be very popular. They love filling pots, finding worms and raking the soil.

We have a tuff tray out there which we use to do art or exploring. Today we foraged for blackberries and then used the pestle and mortars to crush them and make dye to colour the leaves.

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