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Diwali Celebrations 🎆

Today we have been celebrating Diwali, the festival of light with one of our children who celebrates this at home.

We read a story and watched a short program about Diwali to learn about all the special things and traditions carried out during this celebration.

We each made a diya lamp using clay and gems and can take these home to help mark this festival of light.

They are so pretty!

One of our mums kindly made some traditional sweet snacks for the children to try. The children were great at trying the new foods.

After snack we watched a video of some children performing a special Diwali dance. We all had a go at it too!

During the day the children had the opportunity to try some different activities including drawing mendi patterns in coloured sand and drawing henna designs onto hand shapes.

We learnt lots of new vocabulary today including Diwali, festival, diya lamp, mendi, henna and temple.

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