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Autumnal walk

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Today we enjoyed a lovely sunny walk to the lake. We fed the ducks and the children spent a long time naming the different birds and copying the quacking sounds they could hear. The children used lots of great vocabulary together whilst watching the birds - “that duck has orange feet” “ is that a goose?” “That duck is quacking and talking to his friends” “I feed the ducks with my daddy”

We then walked around the lake, stopping by different trees to spot blackberries and collect acorns and conkers. We chatted about the squirrels collecting the seeds and the different colours of the acorns. We were very excited to find some conkers still inside their shells!

Later in the week we went out for another walk, but this time we took clipboards with an Autumn checklist on. The children had to look for conkers, acorns, different coloured leaves and blackberries. The children really enjoyed ticking off each item as they found it.

We also collected sticks in the woods and used them to make frames to use on our display in Sparklers.

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