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5 Little Ducks

This week we have been learning the nursery rhyme - 5 Little Ducks.

The children have been working hard to learn the words and join in confidentially.

We’ve had fun making our own little ducks using cardboard tubes and feathers.

We then used these to sing the nursery rhyme.

The children also had the chance to make their own little duck using loose parts and playdough.

Outside, the children enjoyed playing hook a duck in the water tray. Each duck had a number on the bottom which they were encouraged to identify.

During the week, we read some stories about ducks too. This one was their favourite.

The children enjoyed some potato printing on Wednesday and made some lovely duck pictures.

On one of the dry days we walked down to the lake to see the real ducks. We listened to their quacks, watched how they waddled and swam around and fed them some crackers.

At the end of the week each child was given a rubber duck to take home and parents given some guidance on the kinds of activities they could do with them.

What a quacking week!

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