Notification of Leaving Form

I would like to inform you that________________________________________ will be leaving Sparklers.

Please accept this as my one month’s notice in accordance with Sparklers childcare terms and conditions.

My child’s last day at Sparklers will be _________________________

My Child will be leaving Sparklers because;

□ Relocation

□ For full time childcare

□ To attend a closer preschool

□ Hours offered at Sparklers were not suitable

□ My child did not settle

□ Other ______________________

Parent/ Carers Name__________________________________



Because we are always seeking to develop and improve our services we would be grateful for a response to the questions below. All feedback is treated confidentially and is greatly valued.

1. How long has your child attended our setting? Years____ Months_____

2. How would you rate the standard of care and education your child has received?

□ Very Good

□ Good

□ Satisfactory

□ Poor

Additional comments:

This Policy was adopted by Sparklers Pre-School


Lynn Mcmahon

Role of Signatory:

Pre-School Supervisor

Issue Date:

Under Review

Next Review Date:

Under Review

This Policy was approved by Sparklers Pre-School Committee


Role of Signatory: