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Nappy Changing, Toileting and Intimate Care

Safeguarding and Welfare Requirement: Health

Intimate care can be defined as care tasks of an intimate nature, associated with bodily functions and personal hygiene which demand direct or indirect contact with or exposure of the genitals. Examples include care associated with toileting, washing or changing clothes.

Policy Statement

All children have the right to be safe and be treated with dignity, respect and privacy at all times.

Children should be toilet trained before starting Pre-School.  For some children this may initially prove challenging but staff are happy to support parents with toilet training and can offer guidance and advice.

Staff will change and clean children when accidents occur and it is our policy to deal with such accidents kindly. Intimate care will always be undertaken with tact, sensitivity and in an unhurried manner.  Due to limited space and changing facilities, it is not our policy to change nappies on a regular basis.

At a child’s induction the need for intimate care should be identified. In the event of a child needing to wear a nappy to Pre-School on a regular basis (for example due to medical needs) a care plan will be written with the SENCO and local health visitor.

Care Plan

The care plan will set out:

  • What care is required

  • Any additional professional support

  • Additional equipment required

  • Childs preferred means of communication including agreed terminology for parts of the body and bodily functions

  • Child’s level of ability i.e. what tasks they are able to do themselves

We will provide nappy changing facilities in the disabled toilet cubicle with a changing mat on the floor. The cubicle door will be left open. The child will provide their own nappies and wipes.


  • Children should not be put in a nappy or pull ups to come to Sparklers, this will not help the child with toileting at Pre-School. Please put extra clothes in their bag in case of accidents.

  • Any member of staff with a DBS check can deal with intimate care.

  • Our staff put on gloves and an apron before starting to deal with intimate care.

  • All staff are aware of hygiene procedures.

  • We encourage children to wash their hands with soap and water after toileting.

  • The children can access the toilets when they need to and are encouraged to be independent.

  • Wet or soiled clothes are bagged up for parents to take home.

  • Parents are informed of any intimate care that has taken place during the session.

This policy should be considered in line with our safeguarding and health and safety policies and the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.

This Policy was adopted by Sparklers Pre-School


Sarah Hodges

Role of Signatory:

Pre-School Supervisor

Issue Date:

September 2023

Next Review Date:

October 2024

This Policy was approved by Sparklers Pre-School Committee


Role of Signatory:


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