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Appendix B - Concerns About a Child


If the child is at immediate risk call the Police on 999

(Police must be informed of all sexual assault cases)

To make a Prevent referral use the Prevent referral form and send to   


For questions contact 01380 826454 or 01278 647466

It may be necessary to also refer to MASH – take advice from MASH or the Prevent numbers above

To make an urgent referral to MASH 01793 466903 Out of hours 01793 436699

Sharing / Recording Concerns


An individual with concerns about a child takes immediate action by following the school policy and informs a designated member of the safeguarding team. The DSL will consider the information, in the context of any other concerns / disclosures, and decide on next steps.


Parents / carers should be involved at this stage, unless to do so may place the child at increased risk of significant harm, in which case advice should be sought from MASH.

No Referral to Children’s Social Care


Actions will be agreed to monitor the child and support the child / family where needed. An Early Help Record and Plan (EHRP) should also be considered.

Referral to Children’s Social Care

DSL / DDSL make referral to social care (and call the police if necessary)

If concerns continue / escalate, the decision will be reviewed to decide if a referral is necessary

Referral to Children’s Social Care


The DSL will make a telephone referral in the first instance to MASH. This must be followed up within 24 hours with a written referral, using form RF1.The RF1 form must be signed and dated by the referrer. If a child discloses physical or sexual abuse, where the alleged abuser is either a family member or someone resident within the household, the school must consult the Duty Social Worker before informing parent(s).


  • Child in need of immediate protection: Appropriate emergency action taken by police, NSPCC or social worker.

  • Section 47 Assessment – child identified as at risk of significant harm, possible child protection plan

  • Section 17 assessment – child identified as at need and appropriate support identified.

  • All schools and colleges should allow local authorities access to facilitate arrangements.

No Assessment


If the information supplied in the referral does not meet the threshold, an EHR should be started and/or onward referral to other specialist or universal services; children’s social care will feedback to the referrer.  For any concerns that Early Help provided at level 2 is not working and things are not getting better for the child, discuss this with the child, parents/carers and refer to MASH.

At all stages, staff should consider the circumstances and re-refer if necessary. The emphasis is on ensuring that the child’s best interests come first and where appropriate improve.

The multi-agency referral form (RF1) should also be completed for all referrals to MASH

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